Timeless Tradition

Quality at Competitive Pricing since 1949


 From nuts and bolts to aerospace we deliver!

For more than half a century, Rykon has worked with some of the largest and best known companies in America.  Quite an achievement for a business whose only service in 1949 was refinishing gold and silver household items.

Orders ranging in volume from a mere handful of parts to thousands of pounds are routinely processed in our 18,000 square foot facility.  Situated on 5 acres in an upscale community on Cleveland’s West Side, our location is easily accessible from nearby Interstate 90.

By following a set of principles that are still relevant today, a reputation for reliability and integrity was created that enabled growth into new areas. Services now include:  Tin (Bright and Matte), Nickel, Silver, Gold, Copper, and Tin-Lead.   Rack and barrel processing available in most processes.  Hydrogen embrittlement relieving and solder testing also available.

Today, Rykon products can be found extensively in the following industries:  Automotive, Electronics, Fastener, Appliance, Communications, and Aerospace.