Plating Solutions



Plating Solutions

Plating Solutions
Rykon processes consist of electroplated finishes of Gold, SIlver, Nickel, Copper, Bright & Matte Tin, alloys with rack and barrel plating facilities available in most processes. Our plant capabilities allow us to process orders ranging in volume from thousands of pounds of parts to a mere handful of items.

Equipment and plating procedures have been designed to maximize protection of externally threaded parts and other products requiring delicate handling. In addition to minimizing structural damage, small production load sizes produce more uniform plating thickness and superior asthetic results.

Rykon maintains the following list of frequently referenced specifications and can define new specifications to fit our clients’ needs:

  • Gold – MIL G 45204
  • Silver – QQ S 365
  • Tin – MIL T 10727
  • Copper – MIL C 14550
  • Nickel – QQ N 290
  • – MIL P 81728
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Relieving
  • Solderability Testing

Rykon provides high-quality services to the Automotive, Aeorspace, Appliance, Electronics, Communications, and Fastener industries.

Rykon’s Quality Program is under revision to assure compliance to ISO9001 requirements.