Integrity Always Matches Quality


at Rykon Plating


all jobs done with the highest quality and integrity



Quality Control

Rykon’s laboratory provides a sophisticated environment in which processes are characterized, monitored, controlled, verified, and recorded in conjunction with ISO9001 requirements.

From the cleaning of raw materials to the packaging of plated parts all processes undergo a rigorous program of monitoring and control.  State-of-the-art x-ray fluorescence equipment coupled with extensive customized software programs offer an array of management tools.  Plating thickness test results (by Customer & Part Number), certification forms, plating bath analysis results and maintenance chemical additions are all stored on computer to aid in our quality analysis process.

Environmental Safety

Recently completed Environmental Phase I and II surveys confirm that Rykon operates a fully compliant, environmentally friendly plating facility.

Rykon recycles sludge generated as a by-product of wastewater treatment.  Although more expensive than landfilling, recycling is a much more environmentally conscientious approach.

A recent addition to our plant safety program is the hazardous material storage room.  Complete with an independent fire detetction and suppression system, it safely confines hazardous materials and containers found in many shops production areas.